When is my loan paid off | When will my balance be paid?

Hi, guys, I’m afraid my parents are really in debt. pay rent or pay a loan, does not matter? Buy on credit: Banks lend more credit over the internet. Two years ago – credit start. I borrowed almost two and a half years ago.

When the loan is repaid

When the loan is repaid

Now you want to cancel the mortgage of your house bank in the cadastre. For this purpose, the so-called land charge will enter into the cadastre. Once the loan has been repaid, you may of course have revoked the lien. Even if canceled, this process will be referred to as a “registration” or “start-up”. So if you want to be on the safe side with the deletions, should hire a legal advisor (notary or lawyer) with the technical assistance.

For some time, it is possible in “simple cases” to submit land register entries orally to the competent district court. The prerequisite for this is that you only have to make a reasonable effort to obtain the required documents (“as prescribed by law”) and the minutes of the court. * These “simple cases” include not only renaming but also requests for information.

The most important document is the cancellation receipt that you receive from your house bank. Your house bank gives with the deletion document their consent to the cancellation of the mortgage. Once the loan is paid off, you can afford more.

Balance – The last deposit made

Balance - The last deposit made

Now there is no more credit on my heels. My credit has finally paid off. I borrowed almost two and a half years ago. I did not think much about the loan and did not charge much. It was clear to me that I had 3.99% interest, which sounds pretty good, and I wanted to pay out about 200 a year.

The loan should then have a total duration of 60 calendar months. So I always put aside a small part and wanted to repay the loan about half the time. I could have repaid the loan last year after a good 18 years. In retrospect, this loan was a training in my financial life.

Monthly I had to consider repaying the loan. However, I want to completely eliminate the problem of credit. Oh, and whether the motive to buy a holiday home or apartment really comes to my mind. In that case, this loan will have been a good teacher for me. Are you still having problems with a loan?